Glory Hill Music

Glory Hill Music is the fulfillment of what the Lord spoke – that Zion was to sing unto all the nations. Members of ZFI churches write the songs for the music CDs. It is the desire of Glory Hill Music that this music will lead worshipers to higher heights in praise and worship. May we all be faithful in singing and worshiping our wonderful God with all our hearts.

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Let Your Glory Fall

  1. Who Is The King Of Glory
  2. I Will Sing I Will Rejoice
  3. I Will Cause My Praise and My Righteousness
  4. Teach Me Your Ways
  5. Show Us Now Thy Glory
  6. Lord I Come
  7. You Are Holy
  8. Let Your Glory Fall
  9. Let Healing Waters Flow
  10. Let Healing Flow
  11. Lord My Life Is Yours
  12. We Glorify You

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Levantamos Tu Nombre

  1. Al Estar Tú Aquí
  2. Buen Pastor
  3. Levantamos Tu Nombre
  4. Cambiaste Con Tu Luz Mi Corazón
  5. Heme Aquí
  6. Tú Eres Santo
  7. Te Amo Oh Señor
  8. Te Amo Tanto Señor
  9. Mas Que El Centinela
  10. Mi Esperanza
  11. Roca Mía
  12. Jesús Te Amo
  13. Muéstranos Tu Gloria
  14. Yo Cantaré De Tu Poder
  15. Que Tu Gloria Llene Mi Vida