Zion Christian Publishers

Zion Christian Publishers (ZCP) is the publishing arm of Zion Fellowship. 

The purpose of ZCP is to produce quality and affordable Christian literature, books, magazines, and study manuals. As teaching from instructors began to take root in the ZMI schools, as well as in local and foreign seminars, the need for publications was obvious. The initial printings of books were in English, but it soon became clear that the publications would need to be translated into the languages of various nations. Currently, there are over 25 translations of Zion books worldwide.

The Lord has given Zion Fellowship International great favor in being able to connect with key leaders who in turn have been able to establish the printing of the books in different locales. Once the books have been translated, they are then incorporated into a number of different programs. Some applications include residence Bible schools, correspondence programs, and seminars. You can view a complete listing of the available materials, read excerpts from each book, and place orders online by visiting the ZCP website: